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Formula Dynamics DBW 06 Gransport

FD DBW from 06 Gransport.. Complete..
Last June I purchased a DBW unit from a Forum member.
I sent it along with a ECM module for testing and updating to Formula Dynamics.
After spending over $400.00 getting everything tested and updated, new wiring harnesses and instructions I was ready to install.
I pulled my ECU, started unwrapping the ECU harness only to find a DBW harness already wired in.
I traced the wires and found a DBW unit under the dash with the switch turned off.
I activated the unit and drove the car. Happy with the noticeable change I swapped the new unit in to see if there was any detectable differences.
all functions appeared to be the same. I put the original unit back in the car just to verify. I didn't notice any differences.
I am offering my original working unit along with everything pictured.
harness, switches, tape, connectors, instructions.
$650.00 + $25.00 shipping in the continental U.S.
I'm willing to ship it to FD if you want. If you have a Gransport I would suggest getting the unit wiring it in and then decide.
You can always ship it to them if you want later.


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