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So after about 6 months of waiting, more on that later I installed the springs in my coupe. The car is now what it should have been.

I lowered the car last year and while the car was marginally better it was downright scary at high speed. Under braking the car would stand on its nose. Over bumps the car would bottm on its suspension and lean incredibly.

I ordered the springs from Jeff a while back but my problem was I had lowered the car myself and had a major problem with one shock and the adjusting nut being frozen. It would not move and we had to force the nuts for 17 turns, it was all we could get. I was not sure when I got the new spring if I could raise it back up. In the end we could only get 10 turns back up so we were 7 turns below stock. I was concerned with the 7 turns down the car might be too low. In the end in was perfect. The front is a bit low but has not scraped yet in 200 miles.

The new springs now make the car feel like my 3 series in non sport and even better in sport. You can now feel the chassis work and the car does not bottom. It rides in a nice stiff controlled way.

The best upgrade you can do to the performance of the car.

Now someone should make a short shift kit.
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