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for SALE: polished GS wheels

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have 4 polished original Maserati GranSport wheels to sell. they
are brand new, never used. unfortunately they only go on the rear
axle (9.5" x 19"), but it's always good to have a spare part if you
once kiss a curb ;-)

according to eurospares the listprice for one piece is around USD 1,500.00

the wheels will come of course with the original center cap.


9.5 x 19 inch, bolt circle is 5 x 108
offset 55.5 mm

I can ship WW, Selling Price for 1 Unit is USD 350.00 plus transportation/insurance.

send a PN if you're interested!

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Hi there,

How on earth did you end up with 4 rear wheels?
call it stupidity - wasn't aware of the differences...... i know...complete

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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