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18" X 8" custom alloy/aluminum wheels for the Bora or Merak. These were fabricated in the Bora/Merak bolt pattern (4 X 130mm). The custom wheels with modern high performance tires fill out the same profile as the very wide "bulging" on the original 15" tires.

The wheels are powder coated in the original Campagnolo wheel color. The design was meant to look like it could have been offered by Campagnolo in the 1970s. It has solid sections in the wheel center (like the Bora), openings in the wheel center (like the Merak), and a trident design that only becomes apparent as you get closer to the wheel. The 18" wheel diameter was the smallest that could fit modern ultra high performance tires.

The wheels have Michelin Pilot Super Sport ultra high performance tires mounted (check out performance reviews for these tires). The front tire size is 225/45 ZR18, and the rear size is 245/45 ZR18, both almost the exact diameter of the original tires.

The wheels were just finished after a years long design and fabrication project. They have less than 25 miles on them for testing (by a noted Maserati mechanic) and for pictures. The last picture shows a custom wheel on the front, and an original wheel on the back.

The wheels are for sale to help with a property purchase in central California. I'm hoping to keep the Maserati Merak in the pictures, since it has a factory installed SS motor and just finished up with a 3-1/2 year restoration (with solid exhaust valves and other motor upgrades, a Larini exhaust system, headers, custom adjustable rear coil-over shocks & springs, etc). If we end up having to advertise the Merak I'll also post that here.

Hopefully another Bora or Merak owner might also want the ability to put one of the best performance tires available on their car, and might want these wheels and tires. I'd like to find a west coast buyer, since if a new owner wanted to sell them I expect to be able to buy them back after mid to late 2019. However, they can also be crated and delivered to the port in Oakland, CA for dock-to-dock overseas shipping at surprisingly low cost.

The wheels and tires are priced below what I paid (I'll be losing a couple of thousand dollars), but one-off custom wheels are extraordinarily expensive. Please be aware of the costs of custom wheels before contacting me so that when I mention the price, while it is actually very low, it does not cause "sticker shock" when compared to off-the-shelf wheels.

I can be reached at 703-822-1831.


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