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Hey All,

I'm selling my 2008 GranTurismo.
- 2008, 4.2L
- Neptune Blue / Nero additions
- Mileage is around 120k km
- 20" wheels, grey color, black calipers
- Summer tires after one season (around 5k km on them) - PZeros
- Winter tires have some years but are still okay to use - Sotto PZeros (altho I bought them and put them just for one winter about two years ago)
- Car has ceramic on it - 5+ years with warranty and certificate applied two years ago
- Front bumper has chips from the road and from front license plate (that I don't use from like two years or so) - imagine that they mounted it on screws directly to the frontbumper
- Car is in great condition and had no accident
- Interior is white, in very good condition
- Interior leather has been profesionally refreshed around three years ago
- I added protector the the front bumber (well.. like almost underneath the car - it's visible on the photos - dark rubber)

The car sits in private garage in Cracow currently (Poland, Europe)
Price: please contact me directly and I'll reply as right now, I'm taking some thoughts about it
I can provide all the records to seriously interested parties.

Please email or PM.

Thank you and my best,
Tom ( [email protected] )


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