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Just saw my first Maserati's in person today at Maserati of Houston. I have been lurking for about a week, and have a few questions that I haven't seen asked/answered in the past 6 months (after looking in the archives).

1. I am surprised by the level of depreciation these cars are seeing. '02s with minimum mileage are in the low $60s (ask) from a $100k sticker. What do you attribute this to?

2. How do these compare with the German makes (Porsche, MB, BMW) in reliability? What would you estimate annual repair costs to be when not in warranty? This is the subject that scares me away from Ferrari.

3. How are the interiors holding up after nearly 4 years? This is a real problem for Jags.

4. Are performance modifications feasible? What have you seen done?

5. For coupe owners, can adults REALLY ride in back? In my case, can one kid booster and one full baby seat fit?

6. Does anyone have any comment about Maserati of Houston?

These cars seem to be tremendous values for the exclusivity that you get, and will be looking at them closely. Other cars on the short list are:

'01 Porsche twin-turbo coupe (low $70s)
'04 MB E55 AMG (drove one today, a great rocket ship sedan) (mid 70s)
'03 Dodge Viper (mid $60s)


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