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Shark01 said:
Just saw my first Maserati's in person today at Maserati of Houston. I have been lurking for about a week, and have a few questions that I haven't seen asked/answered in the past 6 months (after looking in the archives).

1. I am surprised by the level of depreciation these cars are seeing. '02s with minimum mileage are in the low $60s (ask) from a $100k sticker. What do you attribute this to?

2. How do these compare with the German makes (Porsche, MB, BMW) in reliability? What would you estimate annual repair costs to be when not in warranty? This is the subject that scares me away from Ferrari.

3. How are the interiors holding up after nearly 4 years? This is a real problem for Jags.

4. Are performance modifications feasible? What have you seen done?

5. For coupe owners, can adults REALLY ride in back? In my case, can one kid booster and one full baby seat fit?

6. Does anyone have any comment about Maserati of Houston?

These cars seem to be tremendous values for the exclusivity that you get, and will be looking at them closely. Other cars on the short list are:

'01 Porsche twin-turbo coupe (low $70s)
'04 MB E55 AMG (drove one today, a great rocket ship sedan) (mid 70s)
'03 Dodge Viper (mid $60s)


I'll give it a go because I was looking at some of the same cars.

1. Depreciation I think has a lot to do with the dealer networks. Masers were never marketed well and a lot of them sat in Ferrari dealerships where the "common man" would not dare to go. It's easy to get your wife into a Porsche dealership because they sell cute little convertibles and SUV's (and often Audis), but just try to drag her into a dealership where the cheapest car is over 100K. The dealers often sell new Masers for 15-20K below sticker, but this seems to be a secret. When you realize that many 100K Masers sell for just over 80K, then the resale doesn't look quite so bad. The real bargain here is that Maser owners drive their cars like Ferraris, so there are many good used cars with low mileage. I couldn't find any M-B's or Audi RS6's with low mileage. Porsche is the way to go if you want resale value in a used car.

2. My '02 Coupe is under warranty until 2007, and I don't plan on keeping it past this date. The key is to find a good Ferrari mechanic outside of a dealer who can work on it (and most will). Dealer labor out of warranty is prohibitively expensive. Even under warranty, expect 2-3K for a clutch and $500 for oil change. Major service interval 18500 miles may be $3000. Clutch wear seems to vary widely (see other posts)

3. The interior of my car is beautiful, and has held up great. No leather cracks, good support, no areas "prone" to wear, no loose parts. But I only have 8800 miles, so maybe not the best person to answer.

4. Modifications are few and far between. I had an Audi S4 which was easy and fun to tweak, but you won't see many mods here. There is a company which does ECU remapping, but no feedback as to whether it is worth it. A lot of guys get TUBI or similar exhausts. A few lower the Skyhook suspensions (which is easy). Aftermarket wheel options are limited to custom fits such as HRE and Kenesis (no Tire Rack). Hell, most don't even change their own oil for fears of voiding the warranty.

5. Yes on the booster seat and the baby seat. Plenty of room for this, but not for adults over 5'8"

6. No info.

Good luck.

I was a short timer in a 996 4S, but the interior is ugly, the engine sounds are boring, and most of the time I felt like I was driving a Honda. Other Porsche owners seem to notice your car, but that's about it.

The Maserati is the antithesis of the above.
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