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After many weeks and much haggling, I was finally able to convince the dealer that the 4K RPM vibration in my was was a result of a faulty torque tube. This was a long back-and-forth, but they tore apart the car and confirmed the problem. Hopefully when I get the car back, there should be no vibration. My guess is the part was faulty from day one. The joys of a handmade car.

The other item that has puzzled me before is why I can't always fill my tank at a gas station. Some days it's easy and some days it takes forever. Well the first thing my friend said is, "Your fuel pump is going to die soon." Hmmmm. He said one of the valves that should be letting air in, isn't doing it's job. The pump will work harder and fail prematurely. He thought it would be an easy fix to figure which one was faulty and have it replaced. This would explain why I saw another 05 Coupe at a dealership in Vegas getting it's fuel pump replaced. Same problem.

Anybody here figure out the exact problem yet? The fix should be cheap.
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