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I know this has been covered a couple of times, but what brand and type of fluids does everyone think is best for car. Mine is '06 Quattroporte, but many fluids are used in other models. I just got mine and have no help other than the cars display saying that the next service is due in 365days or 11K miles. Since car was from Atlanta, I assume that maybe I can call Ferrari of Atlanta Monday to see if they can get me info. I really liked what I heard about the Red Line fluids and Mobil 1 also. Since my closest dealer is 8 hours away in Houston (I'm in New Orleans), I don't want to have any possible dealer\warranty issues. I was considering the coolant additive Water Wetter and Transmission additive Friction Modifier, but don't want to have an issue and have Maserati refuse to repair under warranty for lack of using approved fluid. Anyone know if these are ok?

Also, I just ordered the ROSTRA LSX gearbox fluid recommended, but decided to order the Red Line 75W90 NS gearbox fluid with the Friction Modifier Additive. Since I now have both on way, I have like 4 days to decide which to use?

I know responses will be personal opinion, so please don't start fighting. :D
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