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I drove my GS last SAT morning and it's a v. hot and sunny day. I parked the GS at an uncovered carpark. After 2 hrs, I picked up the car. After I started the car for around 30 secs (the dashboard thermometer was showing 45 C degree!) ... the lights on "Auto" and "rear compartment lid" were flashing together with a beep sound on the dashboard for a while. I drove it for a while and then restarted the car, these 2 silly lights flashed again from time to time when I decelerated the car (or with decreasing rpm). Also, when I stopped the car, I couldn't shift the gear from 1 to N! I then parked my GS at the petol station and fuelled it up. The funny thing is after leaving the petrol station, these 2 silly lights hadn't flashed again.

I drove the GS to the dealer finally to have a check-up and the technician used the computer to re-set something and opened the front lid to re-wire something. The feedback from the technicians were "no error code was detected except the acceleration pedal was a bit dirty". They didn't have any clues on why these 2 lights flashed together while decelerating the car.

Did you guys have this similar experience? Many thanks!

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