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first impressions

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Hi I picked up my new coupe CC about a month ago, here in southern England. Previously I had a BMW M3 SMG.
I love the Maserati, the engine is so smooth, the interior luxurious and the shape is a real GT car.

Some problems...... the ride in normal mode is a bit "loose" with the steering following every bump in the road (roads here are cr*p). In sport mode the ride is much better and its tempting to select sport all the time. The ride height is a bit extreme, with quite a gap between the tyres and the wheel arches, does this have something to do with the ride? There is an annoying thump or clatter from the front suspension when going over bumps - its booked in to the dealer to take a look at it. In summary the ride and the clatter are bugging me, but overal I love the car.
Oh yes the xenon lights dont reach ahead far enough, another job for the dealer?

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thebimbo said:
Yea the Maserati standard set up on the xenons is no good and you'll need to ask them to ignore factory spec. I had the same with the Spyder though felt it was even worse due to the combination of shorter wheelbase and higher curb weight.

Would be interested to hear how you feel the CC stacks up against SMG gearchange as many mags have said the Siemens system is the best out there...
The SMG was programable 1-6 in shift speed, I had mine set to "5", with is about the same as the Maserati in sport. However the Maserati shifts are more pronounced. The SMG was incredible really, select first and floor it and it just went, no clutch bite or slip - just went like an auto. The SMG paddles moved with the wheel, so pulling out of a junction meant that the upshift was in the wrong place, hence first to second shift were made using the stick except in a straight line.
The Maser pull away takes much more care - I think its called character!
Overall the Maser is the better car to live with, the M3 engine was course and noisey and they changed my engine due to vibration, oil leak and metal in the sump!

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