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Hey guys, I'm a usual poster on the Modern Maserati section here but never had any reason to check out the vintage forums. Anyways, My grandfather had a Maserati in the late-60s or 70s that he sold only a few years ago to a man who restored it, and subsequently invited my grandfather to check it out in restored version. He couldn't make it for health reasons. I'm wondering if that man who restored my grandfathers Masi is on this forum?
Info on my grandfather:
His first name is Walt/Walter.
Lives in Colorado.
Used his childrens' college funds to buy a Maserati in the 60s or 70s...
Won't tell me anything about the car, even the model or color.

I'm just trying to figure out which model and color it was and see if I could find some photos of it post-restoration. Would make for a great bonding experience if I could get him to talk about it, but he just refuses.

Thanks for any help, no worries if you have no clue!
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