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This is the 4th year the event has been held and the second time I have attended.

I enjoyed the day as a whole and although it rained for a while during the morning the weather soon improved and the afternoon was dry and bright. I thought there seemed to be more cars and bikes than last year and for the most part they stayed for whole day (I have a bit of a thing about "display" vehicles getting free entry to events and then leaving early).

There were club displays from the likes of Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Ferrari etc and also lots of individual entries representing all things Italian, I parked with the individual Maserati owners who were given a nice location along "Colin Chapman" way with a few cars from 60/70s through to current day. (mainly late biturbo - mid 2000s). There was another group of Maserati's parked near the entrance organised as a stand however their location was maybe not ideal and many left early (I do wonder if the fact they left early last year was a factor in the location?). There was a nice Merak which I thought looked rather nice.

A real shame that the Maserati club or manufacturer doesnt attend as I think both the event and club would benefit.

Unfortunately for various reasons I did not take many photos, however there were some very nice 60's fiats that looked very pretty and I loved the Group 4 DeTomaso Pantera.

With regard to the on track action there was some F1 type demonstrations, parade laps (both bikes and cars), classic Ferrari racing (308-355 era) Alfa Romeo Championship, Ferrari Club racing, Italian vs rest of the world.










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