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Looking to see if i have any interest in a almost complete Maserati Gransport front end. I have the hood, both fenders and a headlight. Parts was going to be used for a conversion on my car but never had time to do it and sold the car. This would be great for someone that wants spare parts in-case there car gets damaged. If you wreck and you need a new hood fender and a headlight you looking at over $9k in just those parts alone.

Factory prices(I'll edit when i get exact prices) :
Hood - Around $2000

Fenders - Around $2/3000 each

Headlights - Around $3000 each

Many of you probably think this ad is a fake but trust me its not. I'm just here to post up parts that could help someone save money thats all. Parts have a few dents but they will be professionally pulled and i will have the parts sanded and in primer for the buyer. I'll post photos as soon as i get my hands on a camera as to i have lost mine.

I have not though of a price but i will not sell for $500. Cash talks.

I am willing to deal with a buyer out of Ohio. Shipping cost is buyers responsibility. I will suggest Grey Hound, it's the cheapest way to ship. Will only accept wire transfers due to being free and fastest way to send money. Could also do western union but buyer must include money for fee's.

Best way to get ahold of me is by email
Email me at: [email protected]

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