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Any help and advise is appreciated including recommendations for repair work shops that charge sensible prices.

I’ve been quoted by Maserati direct as below:-

An absurd amount totalling HKD$93,800 which I do not intend to pay just to fix an air con. I’ve emailed the head office in Italy, they mentioned they will investigate further.

Meanwhile, I need to get it fixed asap. Can anyone provide contact of a workshop that can do the job at a fraction of a price for (Maserati Quattroporte GTS 2014)?


Hi Roy,

Technician found out leakage from this item
1. Replace front and rear evaporator with TXV kit $86,000.00
2. Top up A/C refrigerant and lubricant $7800

Maserati aftersales centre
+852 26278931
2 Yuen Shun Circuit
Hong Kong
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