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The Factory tours are still on. They've updated the factory since 2006, with a new Maserati shop with the new Maserati Collection merchandise, and a new tailoring area where customization and configuration can be decided.

Tours are only available to customers, club members, and 'other select groups'.

The tour lasts approx. 90 minutes, and are led by a fluent English speaking guide, with tours available in French, German, and of course Italian.

There is no charge to take part in the tour.

There is also a new "Maserati Experience" package available, which is an extension of the factory tour.

Activities to choose from:
Modena sightseeing
Acetaia visit & balsamic vinegar tasting
Coooking classes (upon request, with a minimum of 6 participants)
Visits to the Panini & Sanguellini Museums
Schedoni Factory
Fashio tour & outlet store shopping
Tickets for special events

Restaurant & hotel reservations, transfer arrangements, limousine pick up at airport and driver at client's disposal can be provided.

Maserati Experience packages are available as Maserati 1 Day and Maserati Deluxe experiences. Itineraries and activities will be decided by the client.

Maserati 1 Day Experience:
€300, approx $410 per couple
includes Maserati factory tour, one lunch, a visit to the private Stanguellini collection, and to an acetaia (balsamic vinegar production site) with assisted guide
price does not include transfers to and from the airport or a driver

Maserati Deluxe Experience:
€1100, approx $1500 per couple
price includes factory tour, one lunch, one aperitif, one dinner at a top tier restaurant, a visit to the private Stanguellini Collection, a visit to an acetaia with a guide, and a stay at the San Francesco hotel (five stars).
price does not include other activities available ot the client, transfers to and from the airport, or a driver during the experience

Maserati Master GT and Maserati Master Racing Driving Courses
at Varano de' Melegari race track (50 miles from HQ)

The facilities have been expanded to include more classes and different types of courses. Maserati Master 2007 has longer track sessions, more available dates for registration and an increased number of instructors, directed by the ex F1 driver Ivan Capelli.

The Master GT class uses street cars, while the Racing course uses Trofeo race cars.

2-Day Maserati Master 2007 Program
24 participants on each course in groups of six to eight persons.
The program runs for two full days, with arrival the night before at 6pm and training from 9am to 5.30pm each day. Driving course participants will stay at the Hotel Parma & Congressi, an elegant four-star hotel just outside the city of Parma.

Days at the track include:
Theory sessions on driving and racing a Maserati
Activity groups for guidelines on correct driving
Driving in the following cars:
Quattroporte Sport
Lunch breaks on the Terrace

2-day €3600 per participant
incudes: 2days at track, insurance, cocktail reception, two dinners at the hotel, two nights stay at the Parma hotel, two lunches at the track, personalized Maserati gifts.
Price for a participants companion (non racing) €784

Dates available:
May 29-30
June 12-13
June 25-26
July 9-10
July 23-24
September 17-18
October 23-24

1-Day Maserati Master Racing 2007 Program
This 1-day program begins at 9am to 5:30pm. There are 12 participants in each racing course, with 5 instructors.

Track day includes:
Theory sessions on racing a Maserati
Driving in the GranSport and Trofeo
Lunch break on the Terrace

€3990 per participant
includes one day at the track, insurance, lunch, open bar, and personalized Maserati gifts

Dates available:
August 29
October 10
October 11

Both the Maserati Experience days, and driving school sessions need to be coordinated directly through your Maserati dealer, or I can be of assistance as well.

- Mark
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