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Fabspeed Motorsport is proud to announce the development of our newest product, the all-out no-limits Fabspeed Motorsport Performance Hat!!

If you are wearing one of our new performance hats, being the envy of all your friends (and passersby) will not be the only benefit experienced. Your head will be cool and stylish while providing maximum airflow properties and supreme cutting-edge design and materials. Any car driven by an individual fortunate enough to be wearing the Fabspeed Performance hat will instantly experience MAXIMUM horsepower, easily gaining +500hp at the wheels (dyno graph still pending while we make repairs to an overloaded dyno shaft).

If you pre-order today, we will include an EXCLUSIVE Fabspeed Performance Decal Upgrade Kit. These lightweight and durable vinyl decals will increase your Fabspeed experience by at least an addition +100 whp, pushing the limits of adhesion and gravity itself.

Want to be the envy of all your friends?

Want to have the baddest ride in town?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then you had better pre-order a Fabspeed Performance Hat post haste! These wicked little devils are set to be released upon society in May of 2014, so don't delay. Even the most mundane grocery getter will be turned into a tire melting, pavement pounding powerhouse capable of mind bending acceleration. (DISCLAIMER: Fabspeed Motorsport is not liable for any space-time continuum issues experienced by wearers of the Fabspeed Performance Hat.)

See more and place your pre-orders at Fabspeed Motorsport Performance Hat - Fabspeed Motorsport


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