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Catch Fabspeed Motorsport's Ferrari F355
performance products on

Velocity Network's Car Fix
this Saturday 3/15 at 11:00am ET/PT
(and again on Sunday 3/16 at 11:am ET/PT)

Tomorrow at 11:00am, Velocity Network will be airing the latest episode of their hit television show, Car Fix, which chronicles the full tear-down and servicing of a Ferrari F355 Spider. Naturally, they chose to replace the aging factory exhaust and failure-prone headers with Fabspeed's Supersport X-Pipe and Fabspeed's Sport Headers in order to breathe new life into the car, improve the overall driving experience, and increase the longevity and reliability of the exhaust system.

They also chose to upgrade the factory airboxes with Fabspeed's Carbon Fiber Airbox Covers and BMC F1 Air Filters for maximum cold air induction and performance.

Don't miss Fabspeed's Ferrari F355 Performance Products on Car Fix this Saturday at 11:00am ET/PT, only on Velocity Network!
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