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Our esteemed sporty Maxflo Exhaust tone is now available with a raw racecar roar and extra power at the press of a button thanks to our new TrackTec Exhaust System complete with muffler bypass valves.

One exhaust, two unique tones.

Fabspeed’s engineers are always tinkering, and this time around, we decided to try something a little different. We incorporated muffler bypass valves into the inlet pipes of our existing Maxflo Exhaust System to unleash a true straight piped racecar-like tone at the press of a button. The prototype system received an abundance of attention with a very positive response and the dyno results showed that some nice power was picked up. With all of the boxes checked, we are now proud to offer the innovative TrackTec Valve Bypass Exhaust for those looking for something unique for their Boxster or Cayman.

Sound: With valves closed, the familiar refined and sporty tone of the Maxflo mufflers offers a pleasing level of sound with no droning. With one press of the factory exhaust button (if equipped) or Fabspeed valve controller remote, the exhaust is free to travel unrestricted through the 48mm dump tube. A frenzy of burbling and crackling erupts with every application of the throttle while a thunderous roar permeates the cabin at just the right volume level. Turn up the aggression and turn some heads!

Here is a video during final prototype street-testing on a 981 Cayman GTS:

Power: We tested systems across the board on 981, 987, and 987.2. During dyno testing on our 987.2 Boxster Spyder with our Sport Headers equipped, we experienced max gains of almost 15 whp and 20 ft-lbs of torque at 4000RPM, with peak gains of over 9 whp and 8 ft-lbs of torque. The only change present between the two runs on this graph are swapping from OEM exhaust to the TrackTec Exhaust. Fabspeed Sport Headers were installed for both runs.

• A valve controller is included for those without the Porsche Sport Exhaust System (PSE) at no additional cost
• We have been working feverishly on a traditional dual-tone Valvetronic exhaust system which will be available soon as well

This system is available for immediate release, with applications for other Porsches coming soon. You can view all info and pricing on our 981 TrackTec Exhaust here or message me at any time for discount forum pricing and inside info.​
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