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Here's what I remember my 2 year extenend warranty repaired after original warranty was over.
1st year- 1.left front wheel accelerator sensor replcement(check suspension light came on),
2.replace 2 suspension shock absorber(don't remember 2 rear or 2 same side)
3.replace right wheel acclerator sensor.

2nd year- 1.reprogram driving learning computer?
2. replacing both front & right valve gasket cover.
3. fixing rattle noise when idle by realign and reinstall of exhaust.

That's what I remember for now. I read so many bad things on maserati extend warrranty but it all worked out well for me. It was my weekday commute car(over 12k year) so I got it but you don't really drive that much and has low miles and for $5,200? I don't know. My delaer covered 1st year and I paid extra $2000 for the 2nd year, I think it was worth it.
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