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Extended Warranties-

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Hello all, my first post..

I will be looking at an 02 Spyder Cambio on Saturday with a strong possibility of purchasing it. It will be from a private party, the car has 15,000 on the clock with the Factory warranty expiring on 05/2006. I called Maserati USA to inquire about purchasing a warranty to extend past 05/2006. I was told that they are available ONLY when purchasing a pre-owned from a Maserati dealer....Have any of you heard to same?

Assuming the above was correct, I started looking into outside extended warranties and found a place who would do a

2yr/24k for $1700
3yr/36k for $2400
10yr/120k for $9050

wondering what your thoughts are...
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Just an idea, not sure if it works (but report back if it does)... If the current owner of the 2002 spyder bought it from a dealer (used or new), then s/he may be able to purchase the extended warranty BEFORE selling it to you.

You would want to check to make sure that the extended warranty is transferable, but most are.

Ironic Extended Warranty Ad

Ironically there is a logo for extended auto warranties below this thread, yet the advertiser ( does not list Maserati as an insurable vehicle!
3rd party warranties for exotics are a bad idea. lots of anecdotal evidence about companies not using the right parts, getting you with the fine print. I had one on my Alfa 164LS. The time alone I spent arguing with them... Factory extended warranties are much better. They are worth paying a premium for the car at the dealer...
v12gte said:
3rd party warranties for exotics are a bad idea. lots . They are worth paying a premium for the car at the dealer...
Just spoke to my UK dealer about this (I have a 4200 cc coming up to end of factory warranty).
He tells me Maserati have just suspended the extended factory warranty scheme (pending changes to it?)
He advises a 3rd party scheme is now their preferred option. The Maserati "year 4" (we only get 3 years warranty from new in UK) was priced around £1900 and the 3rd party scheme is around £800.

I told the dealer I would like to see the conditions !

Has anyone else asked their dealer about factory warranty options/costs recently.
mine said that in the us the extended factory warranty will be oferred around 2006, 4 years from first date of sale for the brand.
Extended Warranties

Some more information on UK warranties. Called Maserati UK and they confirm that as of right now they offer NO extended warranty option. :shock:

They used to offer one which was run by CarCarePlan but due to some issues (I suspect the premiums had been rising rather a lot!) Maserati are now trying to set-up a new plan. There is no outlook for when this will be available (US owners lucky to have another year!)

My dealer is looking at an alternative but has nothing to offer right now.

Frankly quite pathetic :evil:
fwiw, the outfit which offers the outside warranty is one who specializes in Exotics. I did some research on the net and found some articles written by the CEO who appears to have a handle on the aftermarket warranty business. He sees some cars as losers, Hummer h2 (big loser for him) and some makes as big winners (likely due to the low use that many exotics get)

looking at the buying used from a dealer perspective, for a similarly equiped 2002, there is a large difference of about $10k-$15k vs private party so to me, there is quite an advantage in the outside firm...the headaches if a claim needs to made...well....I will hopefully not have to cross that bridge
3rd party extended warranties

demoe, saw your message from March -- who offers the the extended warranty that you quoted on?
3rd party extended warranties

demoe, saw your message from March -- who offers the the extended warranty that you quoted on?
demoe said:
They seem like a good company but their warranty covers very little, I speak for the f-chat guys when I say READ THE FINE PRINT!
this is what the warranty covers...take a look

here is the actual policy of covered/excluded me, it seems pretty comphrensive and just about covers what we need to worry about, for those who are skeptical, please read and share what you find as the potential downsides...

5853 Atlanta Highway #386, Montgomery, AL 36117 VEHICLE SERVICE CONTRACT (PREMIUM COVERAGE) TOLL FREE CLAIMS NUMBER: 888-748-9666 Fidelity Worldwide Corporation (“Provider”) agrees, subject to this contracts provisions, that it will pay the reasonable cost to remedy any failure of a Covered Component for the time or mileage, whichever comes first, as indicated on the contract application, for the vehicle and owner indicated on the contract application. This contract starts on the date that the owner of the vehicle (“Holder”) signs the application or when the manufacturers warranty expires. Our toll-free claims line is 888-748-9666. To make a claim, safely take your vehicle to a service center, and instruct them to call 888-748-9666 and we will complete the claims process from there. You are responsible for the deductible on the application page per repair. Covered Components

Premium Coverage covers the reasonable cost to remedy any operating mechanical or electrical failure of the vehicle, for the time indicated on the contract application, except as specified as excluded, subject to the provisions of this contract. Excluded Items: Rust damage, sheet metal, chassis frame, cross member, body rains, body panels, weather stripping, lights, tires, convertible or vinyl top components, molding, upholstery, paint, exhaust system, catalytic converter, hinges, keyless entry, brake drums, part seals, shock absorbers, batteries, carburetor, air and water leaks, wind noise, odors, squeaks and noises, contaminated fuel systems, bumpers, fluids, mounts, glass, time failed components, belts, hoses, a/c recharging, wear and tear items, clutches, dvd/navigation systems; and service/maintenance items.

Additional Conditions of Coverage This contract is not valid until Provider receives full payment and has approved the application. Post-purchase inspections shall be completed and returned to Provider prior to allowing a claim. No service or maintenance items, recalls or service bulletin items, pre-existing conditions as determined by Provider, consequential misuse, alterations, racing, or weather damage problems are covered. You agree to maintain the vehicle as the manufacturer recommends and to hold all service records for the vehicle for proof of maintenance. No claims are covered if any misrepresentation was made on any claim, inspection, or application for the service contract. Your satisfaction and goodwill are extremely important to us. While disputes are highly unusual, in the event one occurs, within 10 calendar days, submit a dispute in writing by certified mail. Provider will review the dispute and then each party will assign an ASE certified adjuster to review the claim and report findings within 5 business days. A disinterested umpire will review each adjusters findings and issue a final, binding decision within 15 days. This binding decision is a waiver of a trial or judgment. Provider liability shall not exceed the actual cash value of the vehicle. This contract void where prohibited by law, and additional state provisions may apply.
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