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exhaust mod done !

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Just did the same exhaust mod documented in this very forum. Thanks for all the help/hints/answers/pics !
I bought Silverline tips from Anza (baffled), had my mechanic take out the rear mufflers and weld in a union between the tips and the main pipe on each side. The sound is fantastic and I even get a slight boiling / gargling sound on deceleration. Brackets look really clean and the round tips look nice poking out of the rear spoiler, at least compared to the "smaller" oval ones from the factory. No rattling, and no driveability side effects, other than a slightly higher idle when cold, but this could be just due to the decibel difference (more perception than reality)
I paid ~$100 for the tips and ~$500 for the labor. I have heard a Tubi Maser, and it is nice, but it is not 4X as nice....
We will see if the smog police notice or care...(cats are in place, so it is only the California visual inspection that matters).
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Thats great. Can you post some pics???
I think that I will go the same route.
here are the facilities for a recording...unless i send myself a voice mail, or something...


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What are the multiple holes inside the pipes?

It is a feature I only recently discovered. The inside cylinder comes out and one is supposed to put herbs in the canister for instant....aromatherapy !
:) Actually, that is how my hot tub works.
In reality they serve as a baffle, an acoustical one, just like the dots in an industrial building;s ceiling. I think.....
Does anyone remember an aftermarket device that used to make the smoke swirl coming out of the tailpipe? Just like a smoker blowing rings ! I wander is they are still around, or maybe it is a business opportunity....
Which tips are they? I got a quote of $160 for four silverline tips from ANSA not including shipping.
I kinda like the original tips on them...

Is it really necessary to change the tips...??? can't you do the exhaust modification without changing the tips...???
Keeping the original tips, would it sing the same music or would it play a different tune...???

Something else I forgot to ask... you guys in California have it tough with the emissions but down here we can do what want :wink: so I could take all the guts out if I wanted... has anybody done that...??? and the results...???
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I removed the center muffler on my '04 Coupe this weekend and replaced the section with straight pipe and a crossover (another tip from this site).
The sound is much better than stock and the installation was fast and easy once the pipes were made to mimic the stock muffler inlet / outlet location and sizes.
Has a nice, low rumble at idle, is loud enough to sound good when you're accelerating and is still quiet when you're at a low RPM cruise.

one would have to do lots of fabrication to keep the original tips. Just look under the car....
Stock tips come out of the muffler. You would need to fabricate a custom "Y" shape to get the 1 into 2 junction going.....
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