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ESP faulty?

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If the Stability programme is faulty in a Coupe, should a warning light or anything come on?

Recently I have had two occasions where the back end of the car has gone, and no light came on to say ESP had kicked in or anything?
So...i am assuming that either the car figured out that there wasn't an issue in the first place and it wasn't going to do anything, or the ESP isn't working.

I must admit though that when the back end went out, i was too busy concentrating on the road and cars around me rather than looking to see whether a light came on.
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Electrical interference from a cell tower or other transmitting device also seems to cause the MSP to wig out at times. There's a very specific spot where it happens near my home - on one side is a large cell tower, on the opposite (about 1/4 mile away) is another huge radio/cell tower, and in the middle of the turn where the MSP freaks out is an old iron fence. I think the fence is acting like some mega antenna/concentrator and inducing signal voltages in the MSP system. It isn't as far fetched as you'd think. I used to do startups on manufacturing plants, and keying a walkie-talkie would in some cases freak out the instrumentation/sensor measurements.
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