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Engine Noise - Normal?

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I picked up an 02 coupe a couple weeks ago with about 2500 miles on it. At idle the engine makes a loud constant clicking noise. Is this normal? - Lifters?
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Me too when the engine is cold (tumblers noise, not a problem, my mechanic words). It can be solved by changing oil type 0/40 instead of 5/40... To be confirmed...
This is happening when the car is at normal operating temp.
I too hear the clicking noise on my Spyder and often on my usually is a issue of type of oil...when you say at "normal operatating temp",does that mean say the car had been driven for a while, parked, then restarted when already warm and then you hear?.....If you can hear while the engine is running on the road, I would say you have an issue...but at idle, it happens to me all the time too.
Im sure a better oil pump configuration would solve this, not sure if the 05 cars have this, I have driven quite a few lately and never noticed this noise
Thanks for the responses. I do not hear it all the time, only occasionally. The car is a normal operating tempature, I pull in to a parking space and hear it at idle. I am not shutting the car down and restarting. I do not hear it while the car is operating.
Engine noise - normal?

I have just got a 02' Spyder with the same clicking noise. The garage told me that it was probably because the oil level is slightly too low and it means that a hydraulic bit (don't know which one) is then running dry. Gave me a litre of oil and the noise had gone...It was this morning and I will give it couple of days.
Thanks, but unfortunately the oil is level is fine. The car drives well, it's just the clicking at idle and when it's cold it makes this noise that sounds like a bubbling sound. Hard to explain. I think I am going to have the dealer check it out in the next week or so.
Brian, My 04 makes the same "burbbling" noise when its first started. However, I do not have the lifter clatter at all. Your car may had been over reved at one time in its early life. Lifters should NOT make the kind of noise you are describing. Ask your dealer.

Engine Noise

The lifter chatter actually had nothing to do with being over reved it was merely a matter of changing the oil to Mobil 1. Apparently this noise has been the discussion of many threads and changing the oil has often been the answer. According to the dealer the burbling noise is normal and is related to a tranmission port.
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