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Engine management software update

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Hello all,

Just had my '04 Coupe CC in for the 6k mi. service. I was also having some weird idle problems with it. The service manager said they installed a new engine management software update and this fixed the problem and more.

Takeoff from stopped is smoother now and the shifts are smoother. It also feels like it has more power, noticeably so too. I'm happy. It sounded like this is a factory campaign update.

They also did a cambiocorsa system self-learn/adjustment. I don't know if this was part of the campaign but it made a big difference in the shifts.

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Just took delivery of my 2004 CC

When I start out in first, It appears the pads are rubing and I need to give it a little gas to get moving. As for the software upgarde I'll be droping the it by the garage on Friday for the upgrade. Did you have a similar problem before the upgrade?
My 2004 just got the software update (campaign #116) and do notice the difference on startup on these chilly mornings we have been having
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