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Hey guys,

the steady, not flashing, engine light on my GT MC 2012 came on for the 2nd time now after it had been reset last week. P0340 - "Defective Catalytic Converter, Internal engine damage resulting in high oil consumption and/or a leaking Head Gasket has damaged the Catalytic Converter". Has anyone had the same code showing? Emissions are totally normal, so the catalytic converter seems to be fine. Will check the emission sensors / lambda probes next.

One fact may be interesting here: Both times the engine light came on around 10-20 minutes after I washed the car with a high pressure cleaner. Just a coincidence or maybe the cause of the problem? Is there a certain area on the car that is sensitive to water / needs to be kept especially dry? Of course, the hood and all other moving parts were closed when I washed the car. Never had problems with my other cars after washing them.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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