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Engine Light OBDII is on!?!

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I went for a pretty hard run today in my '04 Spyder and after one particularly high speed redline section both the OBDII failure light (the engine symbol) and the "slow down" indicator came on. The "slow down" light (which indicates the cat converters are overheating) went off as soon as I slowed down but now the engine symbol is on all of the time.

The car seems to run normally - no overheating or missing.

I just had my FD ECU installed last week so my first thought is that the tech might have wired soemething wrong but that likely would have shown up right away.

Any ideas?
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Try disconnecting the battery for a bit and then hook it up. That should turn off the light. If nothings wrong then it shouldn't come back on. If something is then it will come back on.
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