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Sorry to inform all of you I just had my engine replaced at 44,000 miles. I was driving on the Turnpike when a slow down light came on. I pulled over and called road side service and the dealer. The dealer said probably a computer problem how wrong he was. Turned out a lifter failed MNA took 11 weeks to replace the engine. It was a comedy of errors dealer took 2 weeks to look at it. MNA asked if it was caused by the customer water damage ect dealer said no. It took MNA 3 weeks to approve, they had the engine in stock, shipped to the dealer, dealer said the wiring for the compressor was different 3 weeks for MNA rep to show up and decide that the manifold was different so the sent the new and the old engine back tho MNA in NJ and swapped manifolds. Took the dealer 2 weeks to install. Car is running better than new thank god it was under warranty. What a way to run a company. They covered my rental car a VW but would not reimburse me for my 3 months lease payments. Hill hold feature stop working when I got the car back MNA would not cover the fix. Still love driving the car out of warranty now and hope the car will last another 44,000 miles. MNA doesn't understand customer service or brand loyalty. I have been driving BMW's for 25 years
with all sort issues always a stand up company even replaced cars for me 2004 745il. the MNA experience is horrible
witch dealer was this FMOC???
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