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ECU Tuning for all 4.2 V8 and Other Modifications

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Hello gentleman, one of our clients referred us to this Maserati Forum and I am glad to see the enthusiasm for upgrading these vehicles.

We would like to offer members of this Maserati Community an opportunity to have your ECU programmed at a group discount for all members.

Our programming happens to be the most effective upgrade you can purchase for you car and that is guaranteed. You do not necessarily need a TUBI the results are evident if you retain the OEM muffler package.

Our prices have increased slightly due to new hardware purchases for all the 2005 cars which are becoming harder and harder to program but we will work closely with you to offer the best software for the money.

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions, concerns of technical procedures on the 4200 series. And we offer same day service for all ECU tuning and can tune on location in the North East.
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Also check out as an alternative source for ECU upgrades. I have had only good experiences with them.
I'll take one if we get a good price... I am interested by a dyno before / after...
Yes, can we get a clear idea for a group buy price?

I was quoted via Private message for$1995 for my 02 Spyder, however I had seen this firms postings on EBay where they offered the same for $1995 with a invitation to "contact us for this weeks specials". I assumed that with Ebay the price would be less than $1995, and that a group buy here would be even less.

Could the poster clarify if we had multiple interest here, would we be looking for at an actual "group discount"?

The $1995 price seemed to be the worst case price if purchased from them on Ebay.

I think there are at least a couple of other people here who have done this ECU upgrade and love has peaked my interest
It is good to talk about it, $2495 in a private offer :shock: Marginal cost is less than one hour of work, that's all, so I can assume that the minimal price can go lower... (Accounting Management 101)
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Group buy

Contact us off this website and we can discuss further. Ebay is just for buy it nows and that is already a discounted price. This work takes alot longer than 1 hour Gransports are the longest since each one is rather unique just to clarify. We do not desolder the EPROM as well and you will never have a warranty issue.
Also we are in the USA and in Europe so we cover all markets and have the fastest turn around time, keep in mind another 'firm" we will not mention names offer this upgrade for our $1995 and they open the ECU, break the seal and desolder the EPROM

I will post photos for you guys to see the proper way and then you can decide what it is worth to have peace of mind.


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Our method

Serial Programming Method


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Attempt to HACK from another Vendor

Look carefully at the evidence of the HEAT and FLUX remains on the Printed circuit. Desoldering SMD uses HOT air, the ECU are sealed with a Urethane Weathertight adhesive.
I hope this may clarify this process a little better for members.


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Some questions : does the ECU modification affect the Cambiocorsa gearbox? is it possible to change the rev limitation to maybe 8000? Dyno graphs are still welcome...

Yes we increase RPM limit upon request you can go further than 8,000 if you wish.

Cambio Corsa Shifts faster since the ECU and Cambio EGS communicate to each other the engine will rev up in between gears and not back down any longer. Car feels very fast and spirited. Auto Mode in my opinion always stinks and for most is not even relevant for daily use but the functions stay the same.

We suggest you dyno your car before and after it is irrelevant to post dyno charts on one car when no two cars are ever the same and all dyno results will vary due to equipment, that’s why we don’t bother making phony EXCEL charts for our webpage. Our Software work and that’s guaranteed no questions asked.
What happens when the shop (read "dealer") upgrades the ECU with an update from Maserati?

Hello again the dealers can not view our software.

1st. Ferrari and Maserati dealers do not have equipment to truly remap the ECU, they can do basic OBD2 updates but that’s all. Reprogramming occurs in Italy. Larger automakes such as BMW and MB can and programming takes sometimes 48 hours and thats because their cars are so problematic. Exotics are not overengineered with gizmos.

2. Software is undetectable as being modified because we encrypt the Original protocol code for the Motronic you can read more about this on our website. When they use the ST2 or ST3 the car reads as Original software.

3. If the ECU was to be replaced for any warranty reason, all we need is a service invoice and we would reprogram the new Motronic at no charge.
4. Chances of the ME7 version 5 to fail are almost impossible from the circuitry layout and SMD components.

5. Most customers have dyno results in there possession. The way we optimize:

On a fully custom programmed ECU you can dyno the car, send us the readout and also tell us exactly what RPM range and symptoms you would like to correct, then we go through every map of the ECU and calculate accordingly for the effects to be eliminated. Our OLS software is highly sophisticated and some ECU have 50 pages of system maps to read.

Each car is different; each client has different needs so keep that in mind.

Gransport uses a different CPU and is much harder to access the Data which is why it cost more; it ties up our equipment for most of the day.
On special edition models they do this for security of a competitor such as BMW, Porsche etc to access the ECU to build a competing power plant.
We can tune a 360 Modena in 2 hours, Stradale we did yesterday 18 hours so far into it. Proprietary software is highly secure and regardless we will not desolder the EPROM off the board and you guys can see why.
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I'll go check out your site when I have more time (GS owner), couple of questions please:

* Can you give us some backround on your company, about how many Maseratis have you modified? Ferraris? How many years working on these two brands?

* I understand that you can't be specific, fair enough, but can you give me a general or average sense of the power gains to expect on a GS? Aiming for waking it up a bit but this is still an everyday driver for me so it has to remain reasonable.

thebimbo said:

... not related to R2D2 I hope
LOL...ODB is something we have for U.S. stands for On-Board Diagnostics the 2 just means version.

I think ODBII is also on European cars but I could be wrong.
Can the ECU be re-programmed to start the QP in manual and sport settings? I'd love to not have to press the buttons each time I start the car.[/code]
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