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Ultimax 2 Pads | Tech Talks – EBC Brakes' Pad Compounds - YouTube

Welcome to EBC Brakes' 'Tech Talks' series, where we look at each of our friction materials in more detail.

Watch as R&D Manager, Steve Payne, talks us through the technical details of our product lines, whilst addressing common myths and queries in the process.

ULTIMAX 2 This time, it's the turn of EBC's Ultimax 2 pad to be put under the spotlight. Ultimax 2 (EBC's black pad) is an OE-replacement street pad, that offers superb daily driver capabilities at an attractive price point. Find out more about Ultimax 2 pads by clicking here Ultimax2™ Brake Pads by EBC Brakes
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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