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"E" Error Code on Coupe--Climate Control Error Cod

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My 02 Coupe Cambicorsa intermittently shows "E" in the dash digital display.

The owners manual indicates this to be a problem with the climate control system.

The dealer is unable to pull any codes-guess none have registered.

This E tends to appear when the knobs are set at auto and the system has to regulate the temperature by a wide range. For example, getting into a warm car turning on the system the fan speed is high then gradually reduces as the car cools-the E will intermittentlyappear.

Anyone experience this problem?

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I don't get an E. I get a Low Bat warning. Apparetnly, the electrical system in this car pulls too many amps for the battery. If the lights and radio are on, I consistently get the Low Bat warning if I put the climate control in Auto. The ammeter confirms the drain.

It goes out after a while and then the fan and temp operate normally but it's a real pain on cold mornings.

BTW I just replaced the OEM battery and it's still happening. I'm thinkikng of going with a high capacity Optima.

The owner's manual considers this "normal" behavior.
I had a similair problem but it just dissapeared after a day or two. Unless it really bothers you, don't worry about it. When it comes time to sell I doubt it'll be the deciding factor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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