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Driving my Maserati coupe in snow

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We got our first big snow storm in Montreal today. Finally I got the chance to see how the Maserati CC coupe handles in the snow!

I'm running Pirelli Wintersport on my extra set of wheels which I bought earlier this year from a fellow Maserati Forum member from NC.

Even with winter tires and the "ice" mode on, the car was sliding a bit in the snow. Also, the traction control kept on cutting off the throttle when it sensed the car sliding, which makes me wonder if I should leave the traction control off when driving in snow? Once the car was in cleared streets there was no problem with the handling.

I think it will be a blast to drive the Maserati this winter! :D


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There's white stuff all over the groiund in those pix. That's just not right!
I can only watch with detached amusement from S. Florida, but I'd be too much of a wimp to dare drive the Maser in snow.

Really good pics though!
Beautiful shots...I love that aquamarine! I also miss Montreal :(

I shut the traction control off every time I get in the car. It's dumb IMHO--and when it does react it's generally too late and too abrupt.

Believe it or not the only system I've found that was worth anything was the Cadillac CTS-V' actually let you slide a bit, it didn't cut in at the first tiny tiny bit of anything even slightly resembling something that might possibly be sort of a little tiny slide.
Not sure about that Squid - I owned both a Z06 and a CTS-V, same engine and very similar traction software.

Found it intrusive there too.

But now that you've made me think about it, the MSP on the Maser so far for me kicks in only on happy turns. On the Z06 & V it would manifest more in straight line stupidity.

Could just be the large displacement and torque characteristics. Although the 3-level "competitive mode" is a nice touch (and the built-in g-meter on the V was a hoot).

Oh well, you just reminded me that I need to get the new Z06 to compliment the GS. I need a bigger garage!
I've only driven the CTS-V on an auto-x course, and that was at a Cadillac drive event. The TCS never intervened that I could see, but I don't know what setting it was on, he just said it was "on"

The Maser system pisses me off not for coming on too early, but for chopping everything so abruptly when it does come on and for coming on when nothing is happening at all for no apparent reason. My BMW, on the other hand, was like a nervous nagging mother. I shut that off the moment I got in the car every time.

How did you like the V?
Squid, good point on the Maser being very abrupt.

Although it seems to vary though - a while back taking a right turn from a full stop with too much gas pretty much just killed everything for what seemed several seconds, really bad.

On the other hand the first day with the Eurotek ECU it kicked in during a slightly hot left turn but was very quick and non-disruptive, barely time to feel it and see the flashing light.

So maybe there are degrees to how it behaves.

The V was an interesting car, best thing about it was its ability to blend in and not get a second look from anyone (kids or cops).

The Z06 however was just plain fun, that one I miss.
Out of curiosity, do the European countries use a lot of salt on their roads in the winter? The main reason I'm keeping my Maser off the street in the winter is the corrosive salt, not the snow...
After more than 120'000 km and probably 30-40'000 with salt, my previous car was intact. I just clean it every week. Maserati are today modern cars, do not worry about salt...
I agree with Lionel. I drove my 996 C4 in Montreal for 4 winters and had no problem with salt or rust.

The only problem we have in Montreal is the road condition (i.e. potholes). I changed my suspensions (front and rear) once and needed wheel alignment almost every year.
Jack, thats awesome to see such a nice car being used during our winters.

how does the heating/ventilation and defrost work? does the car take a while to warm up?
According the the Ferrari of Quebec service manager, almost all Maserati coupe and Qporte owners have put on winter tires and are driving these cars in and around Montreal.

I have no problem starting my car in the deep freeze (i.e. -15C) but I let the car warm up for 5-10 minutes. It doesn't take long before the cabin is warmed up.
Driving on snow

Fortunately, I have had snow on the road only once so far with my GS.
It went ok, obviously it only takes a tiny bit of push on the throttle and the back starts to get nervous.

(I have winter tires on the original 19' wheels)
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