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Hi all:

2017 QP. Got a check engine light. Scan showed downstream oxygen sensor, passenger side. Mechanic said the cable was torn up somehow. Replaced. Still showing a fault. Maserati rep said this model year had issues with the oxygen sensors, they often just replaced all four, but try to replace both on one side. Replaced the upstream on the passenger side. Same error. Rep said that didn't sound right, check the connections. Same error. Mechanic did smoke test with no luck--everything seems to be fine. The engine runs just a little rough at startup, but this might be normal--it's hardly noticeable.

We can reset it and sometimes it comes back on after a few minutes, sometimes a few hours.

Bought my own OBD scanner and I'm attaching the results. Would be nice to know where to go from here so it doesn't spend another week in the shop while my guy strokes his whiskers and contemplates things.

Any help appreciated!
Screenshot_20210721-191202.jpg Screenshot_20210721-191304.jpg Screenshot_20210721-191310.jpg Screenshot_20210721-191315.jpg Screenshot_20210721-191321.jpg


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