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According to owner's manual for QP, it is advised to leave foot on gas pedal when upshifting (although I find it slightly smoother when shifting from 1-2 and 2-3 to let up ever so slightly). On downshifting when braking, presumably foot is off gas or is on the brake.

My question is, what is the best way to down shift when wanting to accelerate, e.g. passing on highway. Typical scenario is going 65mph in 6th gear and to pass; going to 5th doesn't really give much acceleration boost, so I have been going down to 4th.

Should one let foot off gas first? Doing so causes a deacceleration, just the opposite of what I want. If I read the owner's manual correctly, it suggests depressing pedal before the downshift when accelerating. What do they mean by this? Depress and hold down gas while down shifting or depress and let off just before downshift? If one is to hold it down, how far down? I find giving gas before shift is very jerky, and further, I am not sure what that is doing to the clutch! Maybe I am doing it wrong; any strategies to suggest?
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