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zearnold said:
(1) Does the cambio coupe come with side air bags standard or are they an option?

(2) Does the coupe have a help button like the MB's do where you can hit it if you need help or get in a wreck. Is it tied in to the nav system like a MB?

(3) Are there tires that will last 20 or 30k miles that I can put on the cambio?

(1) The coupe comes standard with front (2) and side (2) airbags. No "curtain" or "knee" airbags though.

(2) Demoe is correct, there is a connect feature that applies only in Europe.

(3) Tire life depends on your driving habits and road conditions. If you are lucky, tires that have a higher treadlife rating (and are by experience longer-lived), may reach 20k, but 30k is unlikely for any high performance summer tire. Check into Dunlop SP Sport Maxx (treadwear rating 240) and Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 (treadwear rating 280) as they are rumored to be longer lasting than say Michelin PS2s.
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