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Does anyone in the LA area have a Larini exhaust and/or FD springs in their car?

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I've listened to the Larini clips on the Formula Dynamics site, and I've talked to Jeff at length, but I'd love to hear the exhaust in person and get a sense of how the ride is altered with the springs. What do you guys think about the sound of the Larini exhaust? I don't want to go boy racer, and the engine growl is a lovely sound to me, but Jeff has said that between the mufflers and cross-over, 10-20hp increase and more torque at lower rpms can be expected. If anyone is in LA and would be willing to meet so I could have a listen, that would be great, and I'd be more than happy to buy coffee/breakfast/lunch. Any input from this knowledgable body is appreciated. Thanks
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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