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Re: Do you use Shell Gasoline in your Maserati as they Sugge

Formula1 said:
Being a Ferrari F1 fan, I can understand why the dealers and company recommend Shell and Agip as suggested gas and oil. Is Shell gasoline any good?
Here in the UK, Shell offers 2 types of gasoline (or petrol as we call it) - 95RON unleaded and 98RON 'Optimax'. In my previous car (Honda S2000), I always filled with Optimax as did most of the owners on the web board.

What's amusing is that Shell & Ferrari do a lot of joint advertising & branding and claim to have jointly developed the Optimax fuel to get maximum performance etc etc.

When I picked up my 02 Spyder GT, I asked the dealer about the fuel - and he said they fill all of their cars up with regular unleaded, and for the type of engines in Ferrari & Maserati cars, they don't benefit from higher octane fuels. :lol:

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