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Do I sell my Maserati?

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I have a 2012 Maserati Granturismo_c it was my late dads car and he loved it and I love it. It’s starting to give us problems like evap leak and sticky buttons and noises coming from the car. I mean to me it seems like it needs a one time fixing because most of its parts have been on that car since 2012. I want to keep it but my mom’s pressuring me to sell it, I feel like if I put the money into it right now it’ll be fixed and it’ll just be maintenance from then on. My mom says it’s gonna keep giving problems and be bad for us, and it’s got outdated technology. I don’t know what to do. Am I right or my mom? Should I keep it?
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The only experience I have on these matters is that of a consumer. I read car material, chat forums, and have my own experience over the years to make me a somewhat educated consumer. I have heard from several service firms that finding good techs is difficult these days. My sense is also that good service vendors have a lot of work in the queue. Because of current circumstances, my sense is that sometimes there is a certain amount of "premium" pricing going on in the industry; one can put forth an above-market quote, and if gotten, great! If not, plenty of other work in the queue. Please understand, my intuition only.
$1500 from a dealer all in before discounts is a great price IMO unless you do aftermarket stuff with parts from FD ... You could probably replace all 4 for a real good price.
Agreed on the brake estimate. The valve cover replacement estimate has caused me pause, however.
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