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I was jus speaking to a friend who is interested in a 2002/03 Coupe or Spyder...

Upon the discussion, I was prompted to think on the future of Maserati...

Now, dont get me wrong, i would love to see Maserati as a marque of its own... but if the new Coupe is as good as what everyone is expecting, what will that do to the prices of the existing coupes/spyders/gransport?

The new Coupe seemed to have a completely new engine and gearbox - i.e. servering (to a degree of its tie with Ferrari). I like many of you have loved Maserati well before its gunshot marriage with Ferrari. However a lot of people will still believe the "little brother" status of Maserati.

If the new setup in Maserati is a failure (touch wood it wont be), it will destroy the marque as people will say without Ferrari, Maserati is just another car manufacturer, or worse, will be a step back into those troubled days during the 80s and 90s.

So I wonder how will the new Coupe impact the market, not just pricing but also on the perceptions of the common driver.
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