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Deposit Paid on CC NEWBIE questions!

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I have an '05 H2 SUT I really would like to trade in. I put a deposit yesterday on an '02 CC Spyder. Believe it or not I just want to jump ship on the H2 and this Spyder is the only car I could get a decent trade on- which has me concerned. Does Maserati keep all their cars service records on-line? This car is out of state and I wanted to ask my local dealer if they can tell me if clutch has been replaced. Has anybody out else out there attempted to replace the clutch on their own? Or F1 pump- or relays?

I've was a vehicle mechanic for four years with the AF and I'm not normally afraid of clutches- but why does everyone pay to have it done that is out of warr? I mean the cost savings would be worth the hassle in this case or am I wrong? My boss is Eraldo Ferracci and I would have plenty of assistance if its a difficult task. We deal with the Ferrari of motorcycles pretty well. PLus what ballpark figure would you guys put on trade-in on an '02 Spyder CC w/ 20k miles?

Oh is there a "better" aftermarket clutch?
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I had to replace my alternator, but it didn't fail, the belt was making noise. Warranty.
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