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Deposit Paid on CC NEWBIE questions!

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I have an '05 H2 SUT I really would like to trade in. I put a deposit yesterday on an '02 CC Spyder. Believe it or not I just want to jump ship on the H2 and this Spyder is the only car I could get a decent trade on- which has me concerned. Does Maserati keep all their cars service records on-line? This car is out of state and I wanted to ask my local dealer if they can tell me if clutch has been replaced. Has anybody out else out there attempted to replace the clutch on their own? Or F1 pump- or relays?

I've was a vehicle mechanic for four years with the AF and I'm not normally afraid of clutches- but why does everyone pay to have it done that is out of warr? I mean the cost savings would be worth the hassle in this case or am I wrong? My boss is Eraldo Ferracci and I would have plenty of assistance if its a difficult task. We deal with the Ferrari of motorcycles pretty well. PLus what ballpark figure would you guys put on trade-in on an '02 Spyder CC w/ 20k miles?

Oh is there a "better" aftermarket clutch?
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Thanks Dsd,
I guess those are pretty obvious reasons. Most of the other car manufacturers keep service records online for their access, I just was wondering if anyone has seen this with dealing with Maserati.
thanks V12GTE

I really appreciate the repsonses and after calling some of the Maserati dealers associated with the car, I realize that there is a service gap of about 15k miles and the last 2 years! Unlesss I find the rest of it's history I will back out. - But I'm hoping for the best. Does anyone have experience with Algar in Phila.?
here's the car :

Since no one really knows who Ferracci is, he sells exhausts for breakfast. He actually owns the Ducati, MV Agusta, and Husqvarna factory race teams in the US, Fast by Ferracci- dealership and Ducati aftermarket parts, and Cagiva USA (who I work for)- the importer of MV Agusta and Husq. MV Agusta's engine are basically 4cyl from and older Ferrari F1 race engine, but obviously upgraded. He was a Italian National Motorcycle Champion. His is also bascially Ducati's R&D. I know that doesn't relate to a Maserati, but he is a master mechanic and I've been an auto mechanic for many years. But I totally understand getting the car repaired at the dealer. Just trying to convince myself that this is a better idea than keeping a Hummer as a daily driver. At least the Maserati I would have an excuse to park and buy a beater.
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Thanks for all your help. The dealer has all the records and they had Maserati put a brand new clutch in it. They only had to pay $3k to get it done.

Only a couple hundred MV's a year. We just had a surge of an extra 200 F4 1000s for homoligation. We do offer three different Husqvarna Motocross bikes. (Dirtbikes with sport bike rims and tires). 450-510-610. Ron Tonkin Ferrari out in Portland offers MV Agusta and I just submitted the idea of showcasing some at Algar through Ferracci's dealership. Since MV's cost $19k-120k we need the same kind of clientele as a Ferrari dealer. Some of the guys here just went out to Minn. two ago to showcase our bikes at a show.
sweet bike. I haven't worked here long, I'm waiting for the warm weather and I'm definately taking one of those SMRs home.
Did anyone else have to replace an alternator yet? Also has anyone had any heatercore issues or smelled antifreeze with the heat on? Just wondering, I signed the papers yesterday and about an hour later decided to return the car for an alternator. I just realized that I did smell a faint bit of antifreeze when I turned the heat on. The liked the CC but definately prefer a stick. At least they gave me a used Hyundai until its fixed! My lawyer for my Taco-Bell E.coli case maybe getting a call.
Alex said:
...a kidney
I'm pretty much in the car. This car was at Hummer dealer and I had a H2 that owed about $48.5k on. They gave me close to that when everyone else was offering $35-37k. They also charge about $10k too high on their retail. Maybe they have a market for Hummers in Conn. I just wanted out before the summer. I'm probably going for a new Z06 in a few months.
That's just what I need to hear Treuter! In anycase it's going in the garage until the summer and then I'm looking to get rid of it. Z06 or back to the M power next.
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