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Welcome Everyone! I just joined the site and took delivery of a '05 Coupe Cambio last week.

Its replacing my 2000 BMW M5, although I'll be keeping both for awhile, and as you can imagine its quite a change moving from a sports sedan to the coupe. My car is Arg. Blue(silvery blue) with hi-power hi-fi, dual zone color(split color seats look great), cd changer, GPS, xenon, skyhook, heated seats, aluminum pedals...etc.

Only have 350 miles on the car so far but first impressions:

-Fit and finish are excellent...I love spending time sitting behind the wheel and for me the ergonomics and driving position fit well...and I have trouble walking away from the car without looking back a few times
- I wouldn't mind a slightly thicker steering wheel and more bolstering of the bottom portion of the seat.
- Handling and suspension are awesome and clearly improve over the M5...which I still think is incredible
- The lines of the car are rear apron of the '05 adds a lot to the look from the rear.
- Upside is that my wife can now drive it in Auto...also a downside
-Getting use to the F1 over the 6 speed Bimmer...I think I won't be able to go back to anything else although I'm still waiting to hit the 600 mile mark so I can exceed the 5000 RPM
-CD changer could be improved...won't play any of my burned CDs and is slow.
- I hate having to press "SRC" 5 times to move between radio and cd changer
- Xenon lights do not provide adaquate distance of vision...I'm use to the "stepping effect" with the Bimmer but these just don't provide enough distance...use brights to to look at
- Has stalled a few times as I come to a stop or slow turn in Auto mode(concerned) also trunk open light sometimes comes on even when to check out
-Nav System speaks only in is getting the disk to fix
- Haven't tried but I doubt my golf clubs will fit in the trunk
-Wish it had an integrated phone...moved to Bluetooth and earpiece.
- Dealer is 120 miles away so I'll have to keep some oil in the garage...pain in the ass if my tire gets a flat

Bottom line...its a Maserati...the drive is awesome(still waiting to push up the limits) with everything else being attributed to character...once the stall issue is fixed.

I live in a smaller city so I appear to be the only one with a Maserati...get lots of looks and a few glares. I took to my BMW dealer and had the entire sales/service team surround me. I look forward to a long holiday with good weather...plan to take it out on some of the back highways of East Texas.

So long!

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Congrats on your new purchase and welcome to the site!

I have an 04 Spyder CC and also got my GF a BMW M3. We both enjoy driving the Maser much more than the Bimmer, although off the line the M3 (with SMG) is much more brisk in acceleration. You'll find, though, once the Maser gets into the meat of its power curve above 5000 rpm, the acceleration will turn from impressive to breathtaking.

I have burned CD's in my changer, and although it will malfunction from time to time, I usually have little problem with it. If you are using CD-RW, you might want to try plain old vanilla CD-R instead. I believe that the tracks that the CD writing laser lays down on the CD-RW media are much more "thin" than the CD-R media. Not sure myself, but after reading that I usually burned music onto CD-R's (they are also cheaper).

My main complaint with the car is that the CD changer re-initializes every time the car powers down, meaning that if you stop the car in the middle of the CD changer playing track 10 of a particular CD, when you restart the car, it will start back from the beginning of the track, rather than from the point where it stopped. Pretty small beef, actually.

The trunk light was an issue as well for another user on the site, and I believe he stated that if he closed the trunk with authority, the light turned off again. Probably a faulty sensor somewhere.

Anyways, enjoy your new car!
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