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...... Well I saw it on Saturday at the dealer who is holding it until the new registrations on the 1st March.

It reminds me of Darth Vader as it is black with the anthracite wheels and the black grids and darkend glass (not pimp tints!!)

I must say that I have agonised over the past few weeks in changing it from my 2003 996 C2 as it really has not put a foot wrong at all, but seeing "MY " car in the flesh has really confirmed in my mind that changing the car for the Gransport is still the correct thing to do.

Can't wait to drive it properly!!


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Do not have a picture yet as the car was still in that waxy stuff they come in....

But the spec is as follows: -
Red Calipers
External Black Grids
19" Trofeo - Grigio
GPS Radio
Dimming Rear-View Mirror
Carbon Kick Plates
Passenger foot rest
6* CD Changer

Hope it goes as good as it looks!

I just hope the in-gear power as well as the top-end power is up there on my 996 as i've now done 17K miles in it and it's really in the groove.. I only drove the demo Gransport with 500 miles on it.

What's the best gear in the Gransport?

For my other cars, here's my view: -
-My 996, it's 4th
-My V8 Cayenne T, it's 3rd
-My Subaru it's 2nd
-My Lotus, it's 2nd
-My rally car 206 S1600, it's in absolutely any fabulous gear you want!!!!!

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