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Cowl Shake????????

hi every one, new member to your very informative forum thankyou. I have a 03 spyder and the scuttle shake as we call it in england is really bad, is this normal. There is a constant juddering througth the steering wheel over uneven roads and can hear the body flexing. Its not as bad when the top is up. I've read a few threads on this site mentioning this problem but find it hard to believe that this is acceptable on a modern car.
When I bought my '02 Spyder I was concerned about cowl shake although I wasn't sure then (or now) exactly what it is. (Also I have read that it was supposedly worse on the '02 than newer models.) The 1st time I drove the car it definitely had a shake. It started as soon as the car was in motion and got worse as the speed increased. Everything shook, especially the steering wheel. I recon that some of y'all have had a tire out of balance. Normally that shake is restricted to a certain speed and it usually, only affects the steering wheel. This shake is similar but as I've said it shakes pretty much every thing at all speeds.

The front wheels themselves had been bent. There is a place locally that straightens wheels so I took mine there, got them straightened and no more shake. Here in the TN mountains I've got lots of roads that just beg to driven hard. Now my Maserati sticks to them like it was glued on.

OTOH My car does not handle well when 1st driven after setting for a while. This goes away in just a few minutes. I just live with this, figuring it's the Skyhook figuring out what it's supposed to do.
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