I have extra parts for converting flip keys to be compatible with the 4200 if anyone is interested in a flip key of their own.

I have the necessary flip key blades and immobilizer transponder that need to be swapped over to a GranTurismo key in order for it to be compatible with a 4200.

If you are able to swap the parts over yourself I can send the parts and talk you through the process. it requires a flip key removal tool and some patience especially if you modify an OEM key as the badge is extremely hard to take off without messing the case up.

If you would rather me send you a modified flip key ready for you to have cut and cloned to your current factory key. I can do that as well.

I have 2 spare OEM keys & 1 spare aftermarket

$35 for the 4200 compatible flip key blade & transponder chip.
$105 for an aftermarket GT key modified and ready to be cut and cloned.
$160 for an OEM GT key modified and ready to be cut and cloned. (the two I have are great condition for used)

If you have a key already or prefer to buy your own, I am more than happy to modify your key if you send it to me and the $35 will cover the parts and return shipping.

All include shipping within the US & Paypal G/S fees.
If you are outside of the US I am willing to ship as well but will cost more depending.

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Link to thread about the keys

Feel free to send me a PM