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The key for my 06 CC was in pieces when I bought the car and I did not have a spare. I had no choice but to epoxy it together. Bandaged together I would have to worry about not letting the battery die, because manual opening of the trunk using the key required almost enough force for the key to fail apart again.

When I first started here on ML I was in need of a spare key at least to get me able to unlock the trunk and paid a member $100 for some random red bodied key made of cheap plastic I never even ended up getting it cut, ill add a picture below if I can find one. This made me realized how limited the 4200s replacement key situation was , either pay the dealer to make you a new key or maybe buy a used key and swap my blade and internals over to it. The options were not very appealing.

It goes without mentioning how expensive replacement keys are for 4200s and for the price it cost, its a nice key but I always thought I wish I could just use a Granturismo/Quattroporte key instead, especially since they have aftermarket and even used cheap alternatives compared to the price of a 4200's key.

It took me a while granted I put the project on the shelf for a long time even after I figured it all out, last week I felt a push to get it done.

Whats needed in order for the key to work, is you swap the blade to a 4200s blade then you have to swap the transponder chip to one compatible with our cars as the later cars use a different chip. Once that is done you have the blade cut and chip copied. As for remove control using of the lock/unlock/trunk features these have to be transferred to the new key as well.

All you really need to do is find someone who can cut automotive keys which cost me $50 for the cut and cloning of the transponder.

If anyone is reading this and would like to do the same, I bought extra blank blades as there was a minimum quantity required along with it being pricey for shipping to the US. I also had to buy transponders so went ahead and bought extra as well. I can swap the blade on to a aftermarket GT key or used OEM and change the transponder, so all is required is having the key cut and cloned when you go to a locksmith, Just send me a message we can talk about it. If you feel comfortable taking the key apart I can talk you through it as well swapping the blade and removing and installing the new transponder once you are able to open it.

Just as a side note, opening the OEM key was such a PIA, who ever designed the screw under the badge was a jerk you basically have to pry it apart with a screw driver while heating the glue... All while trying not to stab yourself or scratch the soft plastic to pieces.

Again shoot me a message if you want or need a replacement / spare key, I am happy to help in anyway I can.

Here is my completed key next the red thing I paid $100 for...
Guitar accessory Input device Musical instrument accessory Gas Audio equipment

Gadget Computer monitor accessory Technology Audio equipment Gas

Sports equipment Automotive tire Tire Asphalt Wheel

OEM in the middle , Aftermarket on bottom

Small review, the aftermarket GT key is good but the OEM Maserati Key feels 100x times better, Nothing feels loose nice and tight and solid. My opinion is to get an OEM key and do this swap. That being said OEM is double if not triple the cost at least for the key and thats for a used one.

Peripheral Input device Product Grey Audio equipment

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Material property Audio equipment Bumper

Getting the OEM badge off

Arm Automotive tire Bicycle part Water bottle Thigh

Heating the glue on the OEM key, still had to pry it hard

Hope this helps!

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Hi, my car (2004 Coupe) only came with 1 key (plus the red valet key) and I would not mind cloning it.

Would your process work with my situation?
Yes it work with your key, I made a thread in the market place section if you’re interested in having a flip key

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