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Dear All,
I have navigation CD set for Coupe or Spider for sale. The set# is S0017-0001-301. It is the Navtech year 2003-1 version. The front of the CDs is the picture of Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate and Mt. Rushmore. It will work on 02 and 03 model year. I think it may work on 04 and later model also.

The CDs are in very good condition except disc#7 which has a lot of scratch and will not work. You may able to fix it with CD polish machine. All the other CDs have few very light marks. I try them out and they work perfectly.

Disc1 : California/Nevada
Disc2 : Northwest/Southwest US
Disc3 : North Central US
Disc4 : South Central US
Disc5 : Midwest US
Disc6 : Ohio Valley US
Disc7 : New England US (this one is not working)
Disc8 : Mid-Atlantic US
Disc9a : Southeast; Alabama,Georgia,N and S Carolina
Disc9b : Southeast; Alabama,Florida & Georgia
Disc10 : Hawaii
Disc11 : Canada

This is a good set for anyone that damage their own CD or just keep as spare.
I would like to get $90 for the whole set or $12 per CD. This is include shipping. If anyone interested please contact me at [email protected] or reply this post and I will contact you.

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I might be interested... just bought a 2003 Coupe and I don't think it had the CDs anymore. I'll let you know by this weekend (car is being shipped).
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