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Coupe Reliability Issues?

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Just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems with Maserati Coupes, or have I just been "unlucky" in my two months of ownership:-

1) Failed Skyhook suspension

- the Skyhook ECU gave a false error reading and required replacement (prior to which it locked the suspension on maximum!) :shock:

2) Failed Cambiocorsa gearbox

- the Cambiocorsa hydraulic pump failed. Although the box managed to put itself into neutral just as this failure occurred! :cry:

Other minor niggles:-

1) Alarm is triggered by rain (good grief!) :?

2) Petrol cap cover sticks shut (but "emergency rip-cord" saves the day!) :?

This is a 2002 Coupe Cambiocorsa with 20K miles on it - still under warranty (thank goodness!)
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The only issue I've been having is the cambiocorsa gearbox will sometimes shift into neutral during an upshift. It's happened about half a dozen times since I got the car over a month ago. The dealer said it most likely needs an adjustment to the hydraulics or clutch. It's not a big problem right now but I will have them fix it at the next service.

Just bought a used 02 CC and in checking the history of service, it turns out the hydraulic gearbox had been replaced also at 16k. Has a bad wheel bearing and will be taking it in (at 19k).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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