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Coupe Cambiocorsa 2003 vs '04 vs '05

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For somebody considering a secondhand Coupe, would the forum members be able to offer hard facts about what has changed between 2003, 2004 and 2005 Coupe revisions? Dealers I have spoken to have been vague;
"The Cambiocorsa software is much improved"
"The V8 badge has appeared"
"Skyhook and suspension is improved"

Considering that the Coupe will be replaced in 2006, is the current model (2002-2005) likely to suffer a big drop in price? (I know, I know, if anybody can tell the future they don't have to work for a living, but just in case there is somebody that can tell the future in this forum).

Carless at the moment. Life is about contrasts - think how great it will be to have a Maserati after having been without a car for a few months.
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You won't find many '03's as they were a very short production year. Most of the changes occurred in '04 but allow me to make a few counterpoints to what the dealer said. The CC. software got SLOWER from '02 mostly to appease an American market who couldn't deal with the jerky shifts. As a result, shifts were smoother but took longer thus the car was slightly slower. If you plan on only cruising, the SKYHOOK is o.k. but if you plan on tracking the car or would like a more sporty feel, get a non-skyhook and throw on some lowered aftermarket springs and you'll have a G.S. competitor. I don't see the prices dropping too much once the new coupe comes out because you're probably looking at a $30k difference between an '07 and and '05 anyway and most of the depreciation occurs in the first year.
Its a great car so Good luck.
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