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Hi All,

I recently got a 2009 GTS and I noticed on cold starts the engine shakes and sounds funny for about 2 or 3 seconds then becomes normal.

After the car warms up you can start it a million times and it never rattles again and in fact it's not always guaranteed to rattle when started in the morning, the pattern of rattling is random.

I had taken the car to the dealership for the regular oil change/service and asked about a separate rattle that I felt was muffler related (this is for a separate thread) but they told me that the only rattle they notice and only one that is important is the one I just described on cold starts.

I was told I need my variators changed and it was almost a 10K dollar job. I was told that oil is not flowing to the engine properly during start ups and that the problem was going to kill my engine and timing chain etc.

I hear this is a common issue with these cars, but I was just wondering if anybody had any comments or advice? Has anybody's experienced this with an out of warranty car? Does it always require a major job like changing the variators?

The rattling at start up is generally random and dependent on outdoor temperature and after the first start up it generally never rattles at all.
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